Why embossed custom stickers could be the right choice for you

There are many options available when having your custom stickers printed. One idea to consider is embossing. where part of the sticker is pushed out from behind, giving it a raised three-dimensional appearance. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to use embossed stickers for your business campaign or personal use.

They stand out

Firstly, your stickers will be competing for attention with a huge amount of advertising and personal messages. You will need something that catches the eye and makes people look at your designs rather than anyone else's. Embossed stickers, when surrounded by flat images, will quite literally stand out. Anything that makes your message different from the others is worth considering.

They add class

Secondly, embossed stickers look more elegant and classier than flat stickers. They look as if more craft has been put into their creation and that the process has been more thoughtful. This makes them ideal for personal use in invitations or gift cards, or in a business context where you want to make a good impression on your customer.

They look expensive

Embossed stickers are not a very expensive option - but they look it. This will again make it look as if more care has been taken over their design and production. A business that uses embossed stickers will give the impression of success, and successful businesses attract more customers. And in the personal realm, anyone receiving a card will feel more valued if they think more money has been spent on them.

They are memorable

Finally, embossed stickers are much more memorable than the standard type. The raised type will emphasise the message or image on the sticker, which will give the impression that it is something special - and that means people are more likely to remember it. And they aren't just memorable because they look different - they also feel different. As they work on the sense of touch as well as sight, they will give people a tactile memory as well as a visual one that will keep the message in mind for longer.

If you are taking the time to custom print a set of stickers for commercial or personal use, it is worth making sure that they get your message across as effectively as possible. Embossing is only one of the ways that you can get your stickers to stand out, so talk to your printer today to find out the best options for your needs.

For more information, contact a custom sticker printing service near you.