What You Need To Bear In Mind When Choosing Your Electric Lift Chair

Electric lift chairs provide support and comfort for many Australians who are restricted in their movement for one reason or another. Perhaps you are simply getting old and your joints aren't as flexible as they used to be, or maybe you are suffering from a long-term chronic condition. Whatever the case may be, everyone deserves to be comfortable and safe when getting in and out of their favourite chair, and electric lift chairs provide that support. Here are a few things you should bear in mind when you take the plunge and go buy one for the very first time.

How Many Motors Do You Need?

Electric lift chairs come with up to three motors installed, but most generally have only one or two. The more motors your electric lift chair has, the more range of movement it will offer and the more smooth and customisable this movement will be. If you are quite incapacitated, then lift chairs with three motors should be your primary focus, but for those with only minor setbacks, one or two motors should be more than suitable. Have a look at models with differing amounts of motors to tell which would suit your needs before you buy one online.


An electric lift chair is still, after all, a chair that you will spend the majority of your time relaxing in. That means you need to find one with a material that you actually enjoy sitting in, not just one that is a utilitarian piece of equipment. Sort out your favourite materials into categories and only search for items that fit into the acceptable ones to you. Whether that be some type of fabric or you prefer leather, just make sure you don't settle for something you are not going to want to sit in.

Trusted Brand

As more and more electric lift chairs come onto the market, the technology behind making them becomes easier to produce and replicate, so many newer companies are now venturing onto the scene with bold claims and low prices. However, while you may find a great deal here and there with newer brands, with something as important to your health and wellbeing as a lift chair, you do not want to take any chances. Trusted brands with a history of good customer support and quality manufacturing should always be prioritised when you visit an electric lift chair manufacturer or retailer. 

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