Guide to Engagement Rings

Jewellery is a beautiful accessory. Whether it is a pearl necklace or a diamond engagement ring, you will want to show it off at every opportunity that you get. However, as the jewellery ages, and with continued use, it starts getting scratches and other blemishes. Additionally, with time, diamond wedding bands and other jewellery pieces become tighter, leading to the need to expand them a little. All these are repairs that can be done by a professional. The important thing is to ensure that the right processes are followed to avoid getting your jewellery ruined in the repair process. Proper diamond ring jewellery maintenance will also reduce the need for constant repair.

Proper Storage of Jewellery

The storage type that you have for your jewellery will determine how long it stays in excellent condition. The ideal storage should be free from all elements that can cause corrosion. For example, silver is one element known to tarnish over the year due to exposure to oxygen and eventual oxidation. It is advisable to store all silver jewellery, including diamond rings made from silver, in airtight containers to prevent oxidation and eventual tarnishing. Also, ensure the containers are large enough so that the pieces do not touch one another, as this can lead to corrosion.

Protecting Jewellery from Water

One of the main reasons why jewellery deteriorates is people entering swimming pools, showers and hot tubs while still wearing it. Swimming pools contain very harsh chemicals such as chlorine used to prevent pathogens from growing inside the pool. When the chlorine mixes with the water, it lowers the water's pH, making it acidic. When the acid repeatedly comes into contact with your jewellery pieces, it affects their appearance. If you wear a diamond engagement ring, make sure to take it off before entering water. 

Proper and Regular Servicing 

Most people only think about going to a jeweller when their piece of jewellery, like a diamond engagement ring, has a weakness that needs to be rectified. However, it is a great practice to keep taking the pieces back to the experts for regular servicing and repairs as needed. These maintenance checks are the ideal opportunity to spot and fix a developing problem with your pieces. If you cannot afford the regular polishing, clean your jewellery using fresh water, a cloth and soap, and ensure that they are completely dried up before storage.

These are the important tips to remember when dealing with your diamond engagement ring jewellery. Always consult an expert when considering any repair or maintenance procedure on your pieces. Finally, for excellent major repairs such as resizing, investigate the competence of the jeweller beforehand. For more information, contact a company that supplies diamond engagement rings.