Facts About Using Ute Cranes as Wheelchair Lifts

Decades ago, crippling accidents restrained victims to the wheelchair all day, every day. However, that has changed today, thanks to the advancement in technology. Not only can people on wheelchairs drive cars, but they can also secure their wheelchairs in their vehicles. Ute cranes have particularly played an essential role in this regard. The cranes have made it easy for wheelchair users to load and unload their wheelchairs. That said, if you are planning to install a ute crane on a truck, you need to understand a few things.  

Rotating Arm

One of the many reasons why most people install ute cranes on their trucks as a wheelchair lift is the rotating arm. A ute crane is unlike traditional wheelchair lifts that only go vertically. Notably, the lack of motion range in conventional lifts restricts ways in which a wheelchair user can load and unload the wheelchair. For instance, when loading a wheelchair on a vehicle using a traditional lift, a user has to wait until the wheelchair reaches the height of the car, find the right spot and restrain the wheelchair. It can be time-consuming and requires help from another person. However, the rotating arm of a ute crane makes things more comfortable because you can lift the wheelchair from whichever position and load it onto a vehicle.  

Lift Height

Another shortcoming of traditional automobile wheelchair lifts is that they cannot lift the wheelchair higher than the platform allows. It can be restricting, primarily if you use your vehicles for transporting various sizes of goods. Therefore, most users are forced to load the wheelchair on a car before other commodities because of height restrictions. With a ute crane, however, lift height should be the least of your concerns. Varying lengths of the rotating arm allows you to choose a lift height you are comfortable with. The capability makes it convenient to load and unload your wheelchair regardless of the number of goods on your truck. Notably, you do not have to wait until other goods are unloaded to create space to unload the wheelchair. Most importantly, a ute crane can lift the wheelchair over other items on your truck.  


Although some ute cranes are permanently fixed on the ute floor, some models are mobile. It is the portable type that has proved the most beneficial to wheelchair users. For example, if you do not have a wheelchair lift or haven't installed a wheelchair ramp in the home, a mobile ute crane can help to meet accessibility needs excellently. Since you can use a mobile ute crane in multiple locations whenever the need arises, you become self-reliant and don't have to wait on an installation team that costs money.