The Benefits of E-Commerce Platforms for Jewellery Businesses

Selling goods and products over the internet has revolutionised the way in which many Australian businesses do their work, and the effects in the jewellery-making sector can be even more profound. Because jewellery design and selling are often conducted as a small scale venture – often with just one person running the entire show – shifting to an e-commerce business model from a traditional one can make a lot of sense. If you make, design or simply sell jewellery for a living, then read on to discover the main reasons that internet selling can offer so many big advantages over a traditional jewellers shop.

Better Security

Even if the sort of jewellery you have on display does not include any precious gems, the problem with jewellery is that it appears to be valuable. Any jewellery that is displayed can easily be stolen by a professional thief, of course. To be frank, what is more of an issue for jewellery retailers is the idea that they might be threatened by a robber – armed or otherwise – who wants to take all of their display stock in a single go. With an online sales model, you don't face this potential threat. All of your finished jewellery can be kept under lock and key without the need to have it on show. You just need to access the stock to send it to your customers once an order is completed. This business approach keeps you more secure and less exposed to risk.

Audience Reach

With any e-commerce platform worth its salt, you will immediately be able to reach a wider audience for your designs. Even if you move around the country selling your designs at multiple locations, you could never achieve the same number of potential customers in person as you can online. With an e-commerce platform that is designed for international sales – one that can operate in multiple currencies and which offers several languages, for example – your reach can go from the local or regional to global within a few weeks given the right marketing strategy.

Customer-Driven Sales

When you sell one-off jewellery designs, you gain an idea of what the market likes by what sells. With an e-commerce platform, you can get a much more detailed view of your most popular designs by obtaining analytics on what people are viewing as well as what they are buying. With the right sort of data analysis, your future sales will go up because you start to offer your clientele more of the designs they like and fewer of those that they don't. This approach is so much more scientific than merely relying on your gut instinct, which is what so many jewellery sellers have to do without these online business tools at their disposal.