Quick Tips for Getting the Perfect Synthetic Turf for Your Lawn

When it comes to having an attractive lawn, the type of turf one uses makes all the difference. The major types of turf you will find in the markets are natural and synthetic turfs. While each of these types of turf has its pros and cons, the latter is becoming more popular for its low maintenance properties. Synthetic turf requires less mowing, fertilising, and watering to keep the lawn looking decent and neat throughout the year. However, choosing the ideal synthetic turf can be a daunting task because of the many varieties on the markets to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you get the synthetic turf that works perfectly for your space.

Consider The Amount of Traffic

The level of traffic on your lawn is a critical aspect to think about when choosing synthetic turf. Generally, the amount of traffic on your lawn will affect the durability of the turf. Consider the activities to be held on your lawn when evaluating the degree of traffic. For instance, if you have pets or kids who enjoy outdoor games, you will want to go for highly durable synthetic turf that can withstand the heavy traffic. Note that some highly durable synthetic turfs may have less comfort. Nevertheless, quality synthetic turfs will often have a non-abrasive and soft texture.

Look at The Colour

The colour of your lawn can affect how aesthetically appealing your home looks. Synthetic turf is available in a range of green shades such as lime green, dark green, and olive green. For the perfect look, go for the synthetic turf that looks like natural grass. That is, consider the shades of green that have flecks of brown. This creates a more realistic and natural look by preventing your lawn from being perfectly green throughout the year.

You can also look at the colour of your house and choose a synthetic turf that complements its colour palette as well as overall design.

Consider The Quality

The quality of synthetic turf differs across the several types of turfs. Polyethylene yarns, polyamide turfs, and polypropylene turfs are some of the good quality turf. They are well-stitched, evenly backed, and have a consistent colour. They also feel soft to the touch. Keep in mind that these high quality synthetic turfs are more expensive. However, their durability makes up for this.

It is important to look for suppliers or manufacturers who offer a range of lawn and turf supplies to allow you to compare the turfs to identify the options that appeal to you.